Eva-Maria Rusche


Born in Tübingen, Germany.



For as long as she can remember, she has been fascinated by the sound of the piano. She has had lessons in piano since the age of 5, i.a. with Tomoko Ogasawara and Andreas Weimer and organ lessons with Prof. Wolfgang Spindler in Bamberg, Germany.


After two years of reading Physics and Musicology at the University of Heidelberg, she studied Church Music and Organ in Lübeck and Stuttgart with Prof. Jürgen Essl, Prof. Arvid Gast, Prof. Franz Danksagmüller and Harpsichord and Historical Keyboard Instruments with Prof. Hans-Jürgen Schnoor and Prof. Jon Laukvik. Her studies in Vienna with Prof. Michael Radulescu and Prof. Gordon Murray as well as many masterclasses for organ, choir and improvisation provided her fundamental impulses for her further artistic development.


She finished her musicology studies with a thesis about the examination of a new built organ around 1700 ("Werner von Leibzig: 'Von Probirung einer neüerbauten Orgel' (1711/1717). Studien zu einer unbekannten Quelle"). She also studied History at the University of Konstanz; her BA thesis was about the classification of emotions in the Early Modern Period ("Die Konstruktion des Subjekts – Descartes und Hobbes im Vergleich: Die Leidenschaften und ihre Funktion in den Werken Les passions de l'Âme (1649) und Leviathan (1651)").


She has taught piano, organ and harpsichord since the beginning of her music studies and has worked as a tutor for harpsichord at Musikhochschule Stuttgart. Since 2009, she has enjoyed inspiring and being inspired while teaching the students of her class in Konstanz in piano, theory, improvisation, ensemble/band playing and accompanying, i.a. at Musikschule Konstanz.


As a soloist she plays harpsichord and organ recitals. She plays in various ensembles and has given concerts with musicians of many different musical backgrounds such as Ensemble Supersonus, Ensemble Oni Wytars, Ensemble Metamorphonica, Quatuor Ardeo, Capella de la Torre, The Tabla-Takla Connection (with Florian Schiertz), Nacht.Perlen, Facilité (in cooperation with Modern Dance School Konstanz) and with members of the South-West German Philharmonic Orchestra).


She is co-author of "Vivaldi: La Primavera" and "Vivaldi: L'Autunno" (Editions for 3 Dudays, viola and B.c.) and "J.S. Bach: Two Part Inventions arranged for Nyckelharpa and Accompaniment" (in cooperation with Marco Ambrosini).


In 2019 her CD "Resonances" with Ensemble Supersonus was released by ECM and in 2021 the CD "Alfedans" with Marco Ambrosini by Sony Classical / deutsche harmonia mundi. She took part in a research project with Maria Moramarco on traditional orally transmitted music from Murgia, for which the CD "Stella ariènte" was released in 2022.


Together with Ensemble Metamorphonica and Studio Katharco she worked in 2020/21 on the musical research project "Nordhessische Orgellandschaft", which was funded by the Hessian Ministry of Culture and Science.



Eva-Maria Rusche

mobile +49 176 21847045